Meet The Owners

Kat & Lincoln Lewis – Their Sustainable Start

In 2018 we were extremely blessed to be “liveaboards” on an Endeavor 38′ sailboat. Living on a mooring ball in Westport Point, MA for the summer was one of the best experiences of our lives. When we bought the boat, “Carrie Trade,” she was outfitted with batteries and two standard pump out toilets with holding tanks (yes, that’s pretty much as icky as it sounds). We swapped out one of the toilets for a composting toilet, eliminating the need for pump out. Next, after losing several fights with the two stroke outboard for our dinghy, we bought a battery powered outboard. We weren’t the fastest cruising to the docks but you could hardly hear us coming, and you never saw us struggling to turn the engine over! It was lightweight, clean and quiet and we were happy to compromise speed. Next we spent the first weekend of July (I remember distinctly working on July 4th preparing for an upcoming trip to Martha’s Vineyard) installing three 100w solar panels on the dinghy davits (the lift apparatus) at the stern of the boat.

Countless trips to the solar panel supplier, one endlessly patient sales guy, and three days of crawling around on the floor running wire and we were sailing off! The combination of solar panels to power our days and charge our batteries, and inflatable solar lamps to light up the night, gave us virtually zero reason to ever run the diesel motor. If we’d been better sailors, we could have sailed in and out of the harbor as well and never turned the motor on at all. Spending those quiet days and nights on the water was one of the most peaceful, satisfying ways to live.

Why Boise Sustainable Lawn Care

We started CALC for one reason really – we know people are rightly concerned about their families, their pets and the environment and we want more than anything else to help. Having a solar panel installation business, has made clear the desire people have for sustainable products and a sustainable way of life. Clean Air Lawn Care can immediately improve our customers’ quality of life with Boise sustainable lawn care; building healthier lawns which has a tremendous impact not just for individual families, but their community as well. Healthy lawns can offset a family’s carbon footprint 1 for 1 and if every lawn in a community does that, we would be creating something beautiful for all of us.

We believe we are, first and foremost, stewards. We don’t see what we “have” as belonging to us, but realize that we are taking care of it in this life. Whether it’s our bodies, our environment or our wealth. Sustainability is critical to all aspects of stewardship – if a thing isn’t sustained, it’s not being well cared for, and it can’t continue to be healthy and grow. We know from our own experience that “clean” is better – clean air, clean food, clean water, everything.  That takes effort and patience. Just like going to the gym to build our health and vitality takes effort, so does creating a “clean” organic environment. We feel blessed to have two businesses that support that effort and that we can help create a better, sustainable environment for our communities and families.

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