Plant Watering Service

We Offer a Service to Water Plants While You’re Away!

plant watering serviceKeep your plants cared for and watered while away on vacation with our plant watering service. While every plant is unique, we understand that it isn’t suitable to leave them un-watered or with some DIY set up while you are gone. Some plants prefer to be more dry or watered just a little bit on a regular basis. Other plants need a lot of water and need to stay well hydrated or they become quickly parched. With our indoor plant watering service, you can feel great about being away and not have to stress over one more thing.


Clean Air is going to Water Your Plants, now what?

After you have hired us to take care of your plants while away, here is what we will need from you. We will need a way inside your home to access the plants. It is helpful to provide a list of where all the plants are located in the house, so none of them are left un-watered. If any of them have special instructions, please add those to your notes. Finally, have a great, stress free trip and know that your succulents, fiddle leaf fig, snake plant and all others under control.

What does a Plant Watering Service Cost?

We charge per visit based on the number of plants for which we are caring. Call us today for your free quote! (208) 918-2390